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Overhauling Your Systems to Get Them Working Correctly


If anything is going wrong with your air conditioning system, it’s time to call Five Star Equipment Repair Services for an AC repair. We complete a wide range of AC repair services to get you what you need. Whether it’s a quick AC repair or a complex AC installation, our certified and experienced team can handle the job.

You can trust us to handle both residential and commercial AC systems. Take a glance down below to see how we can help you.

General AC Service: Not sure what is going on with your air conditioning system? Five Star Equipment Repair Services can be there right away to address the issue. We can help you determine if your AC system needs anything from a AC simple-tune up to something more complex. We handle service of central AC systems, geothermal units and air filtration systems.

Repair: Five Star Equipment Repair Services will immediately overhaul your heater or AC system so you see results right away. You can rely on us for residential air conditioner repair or larger commercial AC repair in Texarkana. Our team uses the best tools and brand name equipment to repair your AC system. We’ll also be upfront with you from the beginning if a new AC system installation is a better route to take than an AC repair – one of the many ways we show dedication to our customers.

Let our years of experience in the HVAC industry give your system the repair it needs. Call Five Star Equipment Repair Services today at 903-826-0748 to get started on your AC repair in Texarkana. Wherever we are needed, we go!